How do I set up my Comtrend AR-5381u Modem?

Click on the link below for details about your new router. If you still need assistance with setting up your home network you can search the web or contact a computer specialist. For a step by step guide, click here.

I can’t connect to the internet using my DSL connection.

Be sure the power cord is plugged in to the wall and that the power switch on the back of the modem is on.
Check to see if your ethernet cable is connected to your computer and your modem.
Under the “File” tab on your internet browser, check to make sure you’re not “working offline”.
If none of this helps contact tech support or call your local VarNet office.

Why should I use Anti-Virus Software?

There are several good reasons to use anti-virus software; the main reason of course is security. Although VarNet, Inc. cannot recommend any one particualr software manufacturer, we do recommend getting the software installed. there are several choices to choose from. Research carefully on the web to find the one that will work best for you.

Can I set up wireless for my computer or device?

When signing up for service with Varnet, you have the option of a wireless or non-wireless modem. You will be asked for a Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) key that secures your wireless system. The encryption key may be a minimal of 8 alphanumeric characters that may include both lowercase and uppercase letters.

How do I setup Outlook to work with my email?

Your email account settings should be set to POP3.

For customers that use varnet.net email, Your Incoming mail server is mail.varnet.net and your Outgoing mail server is smtp.varnet.net

For customers that use rtr.net email, Your Incoming mail server is mail.rtr.net and your Outgoing mail server is smtp.rtr.net

If you have problems after checking the settings provided you can contact tech support for a detailed explanation.

How do I set up security features on my Westell 327W Router?

By clicking on this link you will be taken to youtube where you can watch a screencast where you can learn about the secuirty setup procedures. watch video

How do I set up security features on my SmartRG 350N Router?

Setting up a security passphrase. watch video to learn how.
Finding my passphrase. watch video to learn how.
Adjust the power settings. Watch video to learn how.