Varcomm Network Enhancement

Dear Valued Email Subscriber,

As we mentioned in a previous letter Varcomm is preparing for a migration of your email service to an updated Webmail platform.

To make it a smooth conversion for you, please take note of the following:

We will be migrating your contact list as it appears in the current webmail system. Changes made to your contacts between now and next Wednesday (Dec 19) may not be captured in the new platform.

You may continue to send and receive email as always during this time.

If you use an email client (Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird, etc), please ensure that the username and email address fields contain your full email address (e.g. This applies to devices including PCs, laptops, tablets & smartphones. After the conversion, using just your userID alone (for example, "myemail") in this field may cause email interruptions.

A complete list of mail settings is available for reference

We may ask you to make some changes to settings if you are using an email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) after the conversion. Please do NOT adjust your mail client or mobile settings until AFTER the migration is complete (excluding the username). We will let you know when to take these steps if needed. NOTE: We will never ask you for personal information or your email password!

We are targeting for the migration to the upgraded webmail platform with new services becoming available on the morning of Wednesday Dec 19th. We will notify you once the webmail migration begins which will move messages from the current webmail platform to the new one (no impact to email for people using an email client such as Outlook). We will make sure that no webmail is lost, however, minor service interruptions may be experienced during this time. The migration of older webmail may take several hours to complete.

After the migration, you can access your Webmail services by logging in to with your current email address and password.

Watch for more information as we approach the migration next Tuesday. If you have questions in the meantime, please call toll free 888.539.5234.